Synthes PROPLAN CMF Customized Surgical Solutions

Preoperative planning services available through Synthes

Synthes' Customized Surgical Solutions combines an interactive planning session using PROPLAN CMF Software with the output of patient-specific surgical guides to create a comprehensive preoperative planning service with tactile transfer to the operating room. The interactive virtual planning process allows the surgeon to make critical clinical decisions preoperatively.

Surgeon Workflow

PROPLAN CMF – Technology for precise and accurate planning
An interactive virtual planning software that allows:

  • Critical clinical decisions to be made preoperatively
  • Simulation of the skeletal osteotomies for harvest and relocation sites

Experienced clinical design team.

  • Live interactive sessions with a knowledgeable support team to assist the virtual planning

Osteotomy guides and anatomical models (surgical kit)

  • Tactile representation of the patient anatomy and condition
  • Enable accurate transfer of the virtual plan to the operating
  • Guides are labeled for proper positioning and orientation room

Planning services and instruments are available for the following procedures:

Synthes ProPlan CMF Connect
To get started, you can order our services through an easy to use online ordering platform called Synthes PROPLAN CMF Connect or by contacting your Synthes representative. After the initial registration you will be able to:

  • Initiate your PROPLAN CMF cases by:
    • Submission of the request for Synthes services form
    • Upload the CT images of your patient
  • Track your PROPLAN CMF Cases
  • Visualize planned reconstructions and osteotomies
  • Zoom, measure, and annotate 3D planned images

For more information and order request, got to