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We invite you to our two-day Materialise World Conference in 2015 to share ideas on how to create meaningful innovations through 3D Printing. Join us for our summit titled “Co-Engineering the Future of Healthcare: New Technologies for Medical Professionals” on April 24th to learn all about orthopaedics and cranio-maxillofacial 3D Planning and Printing solutions and how Materialise can accompany you on your journey to provide the best care for your patients.

Improvements in PROPLAN CMF 2.0

We're proud to present the PROPLAN CMF 2.0 release. It includes interesting new and optimized features to support your planning. The 'Reconstruction with Fibula Wizard' has been fully redesigned. We have also included the 'Import 3D Objects' tool, allowing you to import objects from other PROPLAN CMF or Surgicase CMF cases, STL files and 3-matic® files. It is now also possible to export your surgical plan into 3-matic, where anatomical device design can be performed.

Complementary Transaction Creates One-Stop Shop for Surgical Planning

Materialise NV  announced the acquisition of UK-based OrthoView Holdings Limited, the world's leading provider of 2D digital pre-operative planning and templating solutions for orthopedic surgeons.

CMF Planning SW plays a key role in mandible reconstruction

A patient of Dr. Buchbinder and Dr. Urken was diagnosed with a tumor of the lower jaw, which had grown so large that the patient suffered from severe facial asymmetry. An ameloblastoma is locally invasive and has a very high recurrence rate if not removed adequately. This means that a resection of the tumor has to be approached very carefully. In this case, the tumor’s size dictated the removal of a considerable portion of the lower jaw, which needed to be reconstructed. Both surgeons wanted the best possible preparation for this complex surgery, so they decided to plan it virtually in SurgiCase CMF software, Materialise’ revolutionary solution for the virtual planning of cranio-maxillofacial surgeries.

Welcome to CMF

Imagine you can do all of the following:
* Try out different surgical approaches
* Improve surgical outcome
* Limit intra-operative decision making
* Have the perfect implant ready
… and all of this before setting foot in the operating room.



PROPLAN CMF is a comprehensive 3D software package for accurate and predictable planning of cranio-maxillofacial surgeries. It is flexible and user-friendly and allows you to import CT and MRI images, prepare 3D visualizations and plan osteotomies. The software also offers flexible, step-by-step planning tools for distraction, orthognathics and mandible reconstruction cases. The soft tissue simulation and photo mapping tools make it possible to simulate the end result and compare it with the pre-op situation.

Synthes PROPLAN CMF Services

You can also take advantage of the DePuy Synthes PROPLAN CMF Services. This is a service model which provides access to our pre-operative planning software, on a case-by-case basis. After an interactive web-based session with a skilled clinical engineer, a surgical plan will be created for you, along with the needed surgical guides and anatomical models. The end result: a patient-specific pre-operative plan that can be easily transferred to the operating room, in a tactile and precise way.

OBL Patient specific implants

Active in the field of osteosynthesis and biomaterials, OBL is a leader in the design of titanium implants for cranio-maxillofacial surgery and face distraction systems and part of the Materialise group since 2007.